Nov 1, 2022 • 16M

Marketing BS: "Paying for Status" Audio and Short Update

Last week's essay as a podcast

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Edward Nevraumont
Two-part interviews with successful CMOs: Their careers and how they got to where they are, and a deep dive into marketing channels for a specific business. Companion to the Marketing BS Newsletter by Edward Nevraumont
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I have been playing around with some AI audio tools. This should allow all podcasts going forward to have full transcripts. It has also allowed for pretty fantastic text-to-voice applications. I spent an hour recording my voice to have it analyzed by the AI. This allows text editing of podcasts (i.e., In the live recording I say “price insensitive” when I should have said “price sensitive”. I can use a text editor to just delete and replace and the AI will put the new words in seamlessly - in my own voice. It’s like a personal deepfake).

But the tool can do more than just find and replace words. Attached to this post is the full text of last week’s essay “Paying for Status” in audio form, read in my voice from an AI. It is also available via the Substack player, and all major podcast apps. If there is any interest at all, going forward I will include audio like this in all essays (and transcripts for all audio).

The AI audio is not perfect, but, to me, it sounds a LOT better than most of the “robot” customer service voices one has to deal with in every day life. I would love your feedback on what you think of it. Just reply to this email.

What else to expect this week:

  • This week’s essay is coming (Hopefully tomorrow. It was delayed due to Halloween). Topic is VR/AR and Meta’s new headset

  • Weekly marketing take with Peter Fader is on schedule for Thursday morning (now with a transcript!)

  • For those that are interested in our analytical exploratory take on the early Marvel Universe, a new Super Serious episode will also drop tomorrow - also now with a transcript for those who prefer to read rather than listen

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