Oct 20 • 17M

New Marketing BS podcast: Nevraumont and Fader

P&G, Netflix and what do you do when the market is saturated?

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Edward Nevraumont
Two-part interviews with successful CMOs: Their careers and how they got to where they are, and a deep dive into marketing channels for a specific business. Companion to the Marketing BS Newsletter by Edward Nevraumont
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A new experiment!

Wharton Professor Peter Fader and I are going to try something new. Ever Wednesday (give or take) we will spend 10-20 minutes discussing the marketing implications of something topical in the news. In this first episode we discuss the parallels between P&G’s recent announcement that they are raising prices, and Netflix’s recent earnings call (and their move into a lower-priced ad-supported tier).

Some relevant links:

Peter’s two part interview with Edward in November 2020: Part one. Part two.

A 2019 essay about Amazon Prime Day and discounting where I quote Peter: Happy Double Prime Day

The WSJ article we discuss in the episode (free link)

The October 18th, 2022 Netflix earnings call transcript.

We would love your feedback on this experiment. Please reply to this email with your thoughts. I will forward all messages to Peter (unless you tell me not to). We do NOT have transcripts for the episodes yet, but if there is interest I will work on a solution. The provider I have used for my CMO interviews would be too slow, but there are acceptable AI solutions now that should be able to turn things around quickly at reasonable quality.

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